Friday, June 8, 2012

My Favorites

    There's only three different brands of ice cream that I love, brands I will eat and yes I can be that picky...Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey is one of them. Chunky Monkey flavor was the first ever Ben and Jerry's ice cream I've ever had. I still remember the first time I tried it. I was living on my own after moving out of my parents house, I think it was the flavor that caught my eye..Chunky Monkey, hhhmmm!!

     Chunky Monkey has the perfect blend (and I meant perfect blend) of banana ice cream, fudge chunks and walnuts, are you drooling yet? In all the time I've been buying it, I have never been disappointed by its flavor or quality. How I wish I had a better camera, so you can see all the chunky goodness up close!

     Sadly Ben and Jerry's ice cream doesn't come any bigger than a quart, at least not where I've lived (Philadelphia, New York and now California). This particular tub I got at a supermarket in Delaware (thanks mom!) when I was visiting my parents. I was there for about five days, I had a little bit each day..and it was gone just before I left!!!

1 comment:

  1. and I am indeed drooling. It's hot in our place right now and this dessert is just what I need :)
    Sadly, there's no Chunky Monkey here. I bet this tastes great!