Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Love Bobby's Burger Palace

     As you know my family and I were away for the holidays. My Mom and siblings live in the east coast, New York, New Jersey and Delaware to be exact. And I live in California.

     I don't often see my side of the family, so Christmas and New Years were the best times to get together for us. Included in our vaca is eating at different places we don't normally get to eat in California. One is Bobby's Burger Palace (or BBP). Oh my goodness! The name alone makes my mouth water.

     Bobby's Burger Palace is the mindset of chef Bobby Flay, who aside from having a cooking show on the Food Network ( Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Grill It! With Bobby Flay to name two), also owns restaurants like Bolo Restaurant and Mesa Grill, to name another two. BBP serves 10 different kinds of burgers, inspired by his travels, along with sides like sweet potato fries, milkshakes and sodas.

     The pic below is my fave. It's the Dallas burger. It's a spice crusted burger, topped with coleslaw, Monterey Jack cheese, bbq sauce and pickles. I like my burgers crunchified, meaning top with potato chips at no extra cost.

 My fave side is the sweet potato fries. It comes with honey mustard horse radish sauce.

     So if you're ever anywhere there's a BBP, do stop by and try their burgers. The service is as good as the food!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What We Gave Our Families For Christmas

 For Christmas 2011 I've decided for the grown ups we are giving presents 'per couple' instead of individually. The first picture below is part of my stash, stuff I've accumulated earlier in the year. 3 wick candles, foaming hand soaps, body lotions, hand sanitizers and mini candles all in different scents. I make sure I only buy the things I like, that way even if I don't give them away, they will definitely be used -- by me!

This picture is the 'after', after the items have been wrapped in clear bags and tied with red ribbons. The bags and ribbons I got for free at Bath and Body Works (or BBW). Every time they had a sale, I made a purchase (with coupon of course) and I asked for a few bags and ribbons. BBW products make great presents all year 'round!

 Here is a close up of one of the gifts. Inside is a 3 wick candle, foaming hand soap, body lotion, lip gloss. I tied a pocket back hand sanitizer with a silver tie (can't tell from the picture) that I already had, along with the gift tag. And over that I tied the red ribbon, makes for a pretty presentation, don't you think?